Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage in Stockholm

Portrait of Mallika Giarimi for Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage in Stockholm, photo: Jessika Jarl

Mallika Giarimi

I will meet you out of a holistic perspective where every aspect of you is welcome to join, knowing that nothing is ever wrong or in need of fixing. We will journey through the landscape – your body – and together explore and release whatever wants to be released.

I´m not a healer, just a facilitator for the healing you ask for. This is what makes this treatment so beautiful and unique. It is an adventure every time, for both of us, and by far the most loving, respectful and exciting body work I know.

I have several Basic, Advanced & Supervision trainings behind me and many hours of practice in Stockholm. These are the teachers I give thanks for my knowledge:
Kabiro SchellerLomi Lomi Nui, Haunani HopkinsHonu LomiLomi , Harry Uhane & Sila Lehua JimHaumana and Ho’oponopono.

Other Works I Offer


Systemic Family Constellation Work is unlike any traditional therapy. It is a highly effective way of healing on a deeply felt energetic level, with long term and often life changing results in one single session.Om Familjekonstellationer

Life Coaching

Coaching brings fresh perspectives on personal challenges, increased self confidence and greater satisfaction with life and work through unlocking your latent sources of potential.
Om Coaching

Star Sapphire

This is an Energywork concerned with the growth and maturity of your whole being; supporting your male and female aspects to find their own roots and form of expression, while embracing the opposites.Om Star Sapphire


When guided through meditation and inquiry with compassion for what you find your true being will reveal itself. There you find your real home, your real support and your best friend.Om Terapeutiska samtal