Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage in Stockholm


Hawaii Honolulu Passion Fruit Blossom picture with Ho'oponopono prayer.

Lomi Lomiis derived from the KAHUNAS (wisdom keepers) of Hawaii. It is a holistic tradition, seeing the body as a door into other dimensions of the being and conducted with HA (breath) and intention of ALOHA.

All aspects of the body are viewed as one whole being – the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – and when healing is effected on one level, all levels are affected.

A fundamental ground for the Hawaiian philosophy HUNA is that everything seeks harmony and everything seeks love. Much of this work is done by LOVE – the practitioner being present, with loving hands and a loving heart.


A thousand thank´s for a wonderful Lomi Lomi – will soon return!
Anisha Lela Uljanic, Anisha.se
“This was far beyond my hopes – and I walked in believing for sure. A fantastic experience.”
Andy Fite, Andy Fite.se
“I highly recommend the Hawaiian massage. It is soft, gentle, relaxing and during the session you can hear the voice of an angel sing.”
Cornelia Södergren, Vildkvinnan
Great work Mallika Giarimi! Highly recommended bodywork.”
Matt Schwent, UniqueTantra.com
I will return again to experience the fantastic feeling of dancing with the waves of the sea, both wild and harmonic during your massage, so considerate and regardful. Thank you!
Ewa Olah
I can recommend the Hawaiian massage to everyone. I feel very good.
Peter Svanborg
Thank you! A lovely experience with all senses, warmly recommended!
Anette Palm-wigardt, Fotografanette.se
Thank you for your fantastic Lomi Lomi today. Now, a little while after, it almost feels like a dream. I will probably be sleeping very good!
Mikael Jungqvist
This is a magic experience, definitely among the most pleasant I´ve ever experienced. Warmly recommended.
Annika Lindwall Thomsson
I can really recommend this heartfelt and deep relaxing massage. I feel like a princess after!
Lina Eggemar
I feel soft and present after two hours of Hawaiian massage. I can warmly recommend Mallika Giarimi who is creating a warm and safe environment for this flowing, pleasant and deep form of treatment.
Isa Karlsson

Ways of Lomi Lomi

LOMI LOMI can be conducted in various ways. I will usually combine elements from different techniques while following the wish of the recipient and my own intuitive knowledge.

Temple Style Lomi Lomi is a rhythmic work using forearms as well as the hands. Under body and full body strokes with oil combined with gentle stretches and rotation of the joints assist the release of tensions and flow of energy.

The recipient is laying directly on the vinyl, partly covered by a sheet, and the room is well heated. I will be singing, or humming during the session; the vibrating helps to free blockages and is at the same time creating a soft and nurturing space.
See video above

Honu Lomi Lomi is the traditional way as taught by Aunty Margaret Machado; a slow, focused, deep and therapeutic tissue work. It can be conducted with oil on the skin, with the recipient covered by a sheet or fully clothed. Deep abdominal massage is part of this work, as well as a full session focusing on just feet and calves.
Bone Washing. Hawaiian healers see the periosteum, the skin of the human bone, as the cache where memories of physical movement and painful emotions lurk. Those memories can be brought to the surface and released through gentle work on arms, legs and head together with breath and can create profound changes in the body.
A HA-breath is a powerful breath work with the manifestation of the recipient as the transformational tool. You will be guided through active breath while I work on the body, creating space, washing and releasing blockages.
Portrait nr.4 of Mallika Giarimi